A collection of downloadable resources to facilitate community screenings and to support educators wishing to show the film in a classroom or educational setting.

>Download Screening Tool Kit
The Screening Tool Kit can be used as a guide to hosting a screening with recommended steps to make your screening successful, discussion questions, and action items.

>Download Community and Educational Discussion Guide
An extensive discussion guide that you can use to further explore the broader economic, environmental, and sociological questions raised by the film.

>Download Community Resources Guide
The Community Resources Guide includes links to help you learn more about the Pinon Ridge mine featured in the film, the health and environmental impacts of uranium mining, innovative and effective rural development projects and the organizations spearheading those efforts.

>Suggested Reading List
Our suggested reading list includes books and articles about uranium mining, other resource extraction such as fracking, rural and economic development , and rural poverty.

>Download Calculus Toolkit
Designed specifically for math teachers, the calculus toolkit includes information about how radioactive material breaks down, and problem sets to challenge your students.

>Download Press Materials
High resoultion film stills, film poster and press kit to support your event.

>Download the Q&A with Director Suzan Beraza

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